Sustainable and climate smart travelling

Eco friendly hotel with a twist

We understand that food, water, furniture, energy, and other resources are valuable. Our hotel shows how enjoyable a sustainable city trip could be. Looking for examples? Here you go!

  • Homemade spreads, plant-based drinks, and plenty of vegetables. Our broad range of breakfast choices contains about 40 percent vegan options. In magdas LOKAL we offer many vegetarian and vegan products as well. The meat we use is exclusively sourced from Austrian farms. Dairy products and fruits, vegetables, and many beverages are organic and, whenever possible, either regionally sourced or from Austria.

  • In each room, our guests can refreshen themselves by drinking high-quality spring water. Vienna’s crystal-clear drinking water runs from the Alps to the city. It can be drawn directly from the tap and enjoyed in either our upcycled glasses or refillable bottles.

  • Whenever resting with your feet up, you might spot the keyhole of the former closet door, which is now functioning as the bed head. Chances are high that you will be seated in an original Franz Schuster chair, whilst having a little something at magdas LOKAL. Our garden grows and blooms behind a fence that used to be a balcony railing. Overall, a very harmonious mix providing lots of comfort.

  • Speaking of mixing, our mixture of energy is very clean – 18 geothermal probes installed below our garden, provide cooled or heated ventilation depending on what is needed. We generate electric power on our rooftop. If we need more electricity, this is covered through green electricity provided by district heating.

  • Labeled as environmentally friendly: that's what we are as an eco-label hotel and holder of the Austrian Ecolabel.

A sustainable vacation pays off: Get a reward of a 10% discount on room rates with our „climate smart“-deal, when arriving by eco-friendly transport.